Aomori City Guide
aomori city

Taxis(large taxis)

Asahi TaxiTEL.017-711-0451
Chinda TaxiTEL.017-734-8111
Kokusai TaxiTEL.017-781-1733
Koyo TaxiTEL.017-739-4321
Miyago Kankou TaxiTEL.017-743-0385
Miyako TaxiTEL.017-766-2255
Sougo KotsuTEL.017-742-1300
Wakou HireTEL.017-739-2211
aomori city

Aomori City’s profile

【Location】40°49’N 140°45’E
*As of September 30,2012
【Average temperature】
[January/February]-2℃-0℃ aomori city

Required time by air

To Aomori Airport Tokyo(JAL) 80min.
Itami(JAL) 95min.
Nagoya-Komaki(FDA) 85min.
Sapporo(JAL) 50min.
Seoul(Korean Air) 135min.

■Reservation/information for JAL domestic flights :

TEL.0570-02-5071(cell phone OK)

Other 03-5460-0522  Tokyo Reservation Center
011-232-3690  Sapporo Reservation Center

■FDA call center :TEL.0570-55-0489

■Korean Air Reservation information :TEL.017-732-3311

Required time by train(Shinkansen)

*The required time between the respective sections listed adove indicates the shortest time.(*Except for Shindai Tokkyu to/from Osaka)

*Connection time not included *As of Novemver 2010

●Inquiry / East Japan Railway Company Aomori Information Center TEL.017-722-7781(8:30am - 8:00pm)

*About 10 car;about 7 min. by train;about 20 min. by bus,from Shin Aomori Station to Aomori Station

Express bus

Aomori⇔Tokyo(La Foret) 9hrs.30min.
●Inquiry/JR Bus TEL.017-773-5722
Aomori⇔Tokyo(Tsugaru) 9hrs.30min.
●Inquiry/Konan Bus TEL.017-726-7575
Aomori⇔Ueno(Sky) 10hrs.50min.
●Inquiry/Konan Bus TEL.017-726-7575
Aomori⇔Ueno(Panda) 10hrs.20min.
●Inquiry/Konan Bus TEL.017-726-7575
Aomori⇔Sendai 4hrs.50min.
●Inquiry/ Konan Bus
JR Bus
Towada Kanko Dentetsu
Aomori⇔Morioka(Asunaro) 2hrs.44min.
●Inquiry/ Konan Bus TEL.017-726-7575


●inquiry Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry Aomori Branch
Seikan Ferry

Required time from main interchanges ( calculated based on 80km/h, distance to Aomori)


Circulates the sightseeing spots and down town areas in the city Shuttle Bus "Nebutan-go"

The Nebutan-Go circulates Aomori’s main sightseeing spots. The bus itself is adorned with cute drawings of Aomori City’s Nebuta mascot”Nebutan”.

Fare Single journey
Day ticket
Adult ¥200(Elementary School Student ¥100)
Adult ¥500(Elementary school student ¥250)
Places that sell tickets On the Nebutan-Go,Aomori City Tourist Information Center(Aomori Station), Aomori Tourist Information Center(Shin-Aomori Station 2nd floor).
Bus route 6 different routes including the following 10 stops:Sannai-Maruyama Site,Aomori Museum of Art,Shin-Aomori Station,Tsugaru Straight Ferry Terminal,Aomori Museum of History,ASPAM,Aomori Station,Aomoru Prefectural Folk Museum,Hotel Aomori,Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art.
Aomori City Bus one day free pass

Rental cars [local telephone exchange number (017)]

JR East Rental & Lease Shin-Aomori shop 761-5515 Nissan Rent-A-Car Shin-Aomori Station shop 766-8866
Toyota Rent-A-Lease Aomori Yasukata shop 722-3930 Nissan Rent-A-Car Aomori Airport shop 762-2323
Toyota Rent-A-Lease Shin-Aomori Station west exit shop 782-0100 Mazda Car Rental Aomori shop 773-2932
Toyota Rent-A-Lease Aomori Airport shop 739-0115 Mazda Car Rental Shin-Aomori Station shop 761-5356
Nippon Rent-A-Car Aomori Station shop 722-2369 Mazda Car Rental Aomori Airport shop 762-2311
Nippon Rent-A-Car Shin-Aomori Station shop 752-6130 Japaren Rent-A-Car Aomori shop 773-3900
Nippon Rent-A-Car Aomori Airport shop 739-7310 Japaren Rent-A-Car Shin-Aomori Station shop 781-9300
Nissan Rent-A-Car Aomori Station shop 722-4625 Orix Rent-A-Car Kamei Shin-Aomori station shop 752-6543