Aomori City Guide


Aomori is known throughout Japan as the ‘Apple Kingdom’ and here visitors can sample apple juice, jam, pie, cider, pastries, and many other delicious products. Autumn is prime tasting time.


Being surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Tsugaru Strait and the Pacific Ocean, Aomori is home to various kinds of seafood. Ocean delicacies can be enjoyed in abundance throughout the seasons.


Aomori possesses all three of the most important ingredients of delicious sushi - abundant seafood, high-quality rice and pure water.
The Aomori Sushi Coupon' is a meal ticket(3,000 yen/5,000 yen) valid at selected sushi restaurants,and some restraunts offer extra services exclusively for coupon holders. Hotel staff will know all about the best local places for flesh sushi.

◎Aomori Chamber of Commerce and industry TEL.017-734-1311


Nanako-hacchin is a list of seafood delicacies best enjoyed in Aomori. The roe of sea cucumber, octopus, scallop, salmon, cod, yellowtail and cod milt represent 【nanako】, while the 8 rare delicacies of Kurigani crab, mantis shrimp, sea cucumber, sea urchin, acorn barnacle, icefish, shark and sea squirt make up the 【hacchin】.

Ginger Miso Oden

Oden, a type of Japanese food cooked in broth, is a popular dish in the cold winter months.  The basic ingredients are konjac, fish cakes, chikuwa, bamboo shoots and Tsubu whelk.

There are many variations throughout Japan, but this particular oden is served with miso and grated ginger.


Traditional ramen in Aomori is always made using kinky noodles and soy sauce soup made from grilled or dried sardine stock.
Recently,Miso curry milk ramen has also experienced a surge in popularity.


Aquifer water from Mt.Hakkoda is valued as some of the best in Japan and can be enjoyed from any tap in the city! Aomori water contains a high amount of minerals giving it a pleasant taste.


There are a variety of premium sake brands produced in Aomori using pure snowmelt water from Mt.Hakkoda and locally grown Kojonishiki and Hanaomoi rice.

Aomori Cassis(Blackcurrant)

Aomori cassis is said to be Japan’s best, and here visitors can try various cassis products such as jam, cake, juice and wine.

Sanfuri-Yokocho Sanfuri-Yokocho

Here you’ll find an abundance of small, Showa-style food stalls all stood in a row underneath hanging paper lanterns, creating a feeling of the good old days.

The mountain and marine delicacies of Aomori, as well as conversation with the locals can be enjoyed here.

Yu-Sa Asamushi

Address:341-19, Aza Hotarutani, Asamushi, Aomori city

Yu-Sa Asamushi

At this roadside rest area you will find a hot spring with a stunning view of the sun setting on Mutsu Bay.

Try out their original box lunch, ‘Asaben’, or cassis (blackcurrant) soft-serve ice cream.

Access:20 minutes from JR Aomori Station by JR Tohoku Main Line Get off at “Asamushi Onsen”. Walk one minute. / 55 minutes from JR Aomori  Station by Aomori city bus bound for “Asamushi Onsen” or “Asamushi Suizokukan”. Get off at “Michinoeki Yu-sa Asamushi.”

Shinsen Ichiba

Shinsen Ichiba

Located in the basement of the AUGA shopping mall near Aomori station.
Over 80 vendors selling fresh fish and vegetables, dried food and the other local goods await the shopper.
Sample varous products or sit down for a meal and enjoy the bounty of Aomori.
Also visit Furukawa Local Market and Aomori Fresh Fish and Vegetable Center nearby.

U-pick Fruit Orchard

◎Aomori City Tourist iformation Center TEL:017-723-4670
◎Aomori Tourist information Center TEL:017-752-6311

U-pick Fruit Orchard

Located 20 min. from the city center on the way to Tashirotai(Rt40). This U-pick orchard gives visitors a chance to pick fresh seasonal fruits straight from the tree. Enjoy cherries,peaches,plums,pears,apples and chestnuts whenin season.(June-October)

Apple Hill

Address:2-3 Nojiri, Megasawa, Namioka, Aomori-city Apple Hill (Michi-no-eki Namioka)

Apple Hill

This apple-themed roadside rest area is located in Namioka, Aomori City.

Farmer’s market booths as well as the U-pick Garden are open from September to November and are very popular with visitors.

Access:Approx. 5 minutes from JR Namioka Station by Aomori city bus bound for “Michi-no-eki Namioka”. Get off at “Michi-no-eki Namioka”.