Aomori City Guide

Each year, between August 2nd and 7th, tourists from all over the world flock to Aomori to experience the sights and sounds of Nebuta.

Each massive float, with dimensions of 5m in height, 9m in width and 7m in depth, is constructed with Japanese paper over a wire frame.

During the festival, 22 of the illuminated floats beautifully march in the darkness of night captivating viewers' senses.

In 1980, it was designated as a ‘National Intangible Cultural Asset'.

Wa rasse Nebuta Museum
Address:1-1-1 Yasukata,Aomori-City

Located a short walk from Aomori station. Wa rasse offers visitors an authentic Nebuta experience all year round.
See real Nebuta floats from previous festivals,dance to the beat of the Nebuta drums and watch the magic of Nebuta on the big screen.
A bay view restaurant serves local food specialities and a gift shop sells Nebuta souvenirs and local products.

Wa rasse Nebuta Museum Museum internal
Open hours/[Nebuta Hall & Experience History Section]
May through August(9:00-19:00),September through April(9:00-18:00)
Fixed Holiday/December 31,January 1,August9-10

Sannai Maruyama Site / Komakino Site

The recent discovery of the Sannai Maruyama Site revolutionized existing theories on Jomon culture.

The exhibition center, ‘Jomon Jiyukan’ offers various hands-on experiences, including making Jomon pochettes and mini clay figures.

Near by, visitors can also view the Komakino Site, large stone circles from the Jomon period whose mysteries have yet to be uncovered.

Aomori Prefectural Folk Museum

Showa Daibutsu in Seiryu-Ji Temple

Aomori City Forestry Museum


Address:45 Yamazaki, Kuwahara, Aomori-city TEL:017-726-2312

Address:2-4-37, Yanagawa, Aomori-city TEL:017-766-7800

Aomori Prefectural Folk Museum Showa Daibutsu in Seiryu-Ji Temple Aomori City Forestry Museum

Featuring artifacts from the Kamegaoka Site,the permanent exhibition room, attractive special exhibitions,etc., this general museum comprehensively introduces Aomori prefecture's nature, history and culture.

Open hours/【5/1-10/31】9:00-18:00
Access/About 20 minutes' walk from JR Aomori Station

Seiryu-Ji Temple is known for having Japan’s largest seated bronze statue of the Nyorai (or Dainichi) Buddha.

At 21.35m in height, it is awe-inspiring. Various experiences such as morning Zen meditation and vegetarian meals (shojin ryori) are available to visitors.

Access: Approx. 45 minutes from JR Aomori Station by Aomori city bus bound for “Showa Daibutsu / Kuwahara”.

This museum was built in 1908 and originally housed the Aomori Forestry Office Building.

These days you’ll find exhibits on forestry within Aomori on the first floor; then exhibits on skiing and Aomori cypress on the second, as well as a wood-working experience corner.

The museum is built mainly of Aomori cypress using Renaissance-style wooden architecture, making it worth seeing.

Access: about 10 minute walk from the West Exit of JR Aomori Station

Chusei-no Yakata(medieval museum)

Aomori Museum of Art

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

Address:43, Okada, Namioka, Namioka, Aomori-city

Address:185 Chikano, Yasuta, Aomori-city

Address:152-6, Yamazaki, Goushizawa, Aomori-city

Chusei-no Yakata Aomori Museum of Art Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

The Kitabatake family ruled over the Tsugaru area during the Feudal Japan era. A castle was built in the Namioka area and became the seat of power. The museum displays artifacts from the castle site and surrounding area from this period.

Open hours/9:00-17:00
Closed/3rd Sundays, Mondays (Tuesday when Monday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays
Access:About 5 minutes from JR Namioka Station by Aomori city bus bound for “Aomori Kuko-keiyu Aomori-eki”. Get off at “Chusei-no Yakata”.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the works of artist related to Aomori including Shiko Munakata.
Renowned international artist Marc Chagall designed 4 backdrops for the ballet Aleko.3 of the 4 are on exhibit at the museum.

Access:From JR Aomori Station, take Aomori city bus bound for “Unten Menkyo Center”for 20 minutes. Get off at “Kenritsu Bijutsukan-Mae.”

Taking "art and nature" as their main theme, the ‘Artist in Residence’ program is the focus of ACAC.
Visitors can spend time interacting with artist through various types of lectures and workshops.

Access: Approx. 40 minutes from JR Aomori Station by bus Take JR bus or Aomori city bus bound for “Aomori Koritsu Daigaku” or “MOYA HILLS”. Get off at “Aomori Koritsu Aomori Daigaku-mae.”

Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art

Ken Tsuneta Atelier in Storehouse Museum

Address:2-1-2 Matsubara, Aomori-city

Address:48 Shimoshimada, Kitanakano, Namioka, Aomori-city TEL:0172-62-2442

Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art Ken Tsuneta Atelier in Storehouse Museum Aomori City Forestry Museum

Aomori prefecture is proud of Shiko Munakata, a native of Aomori and world-famous woodblock printmaker.

This museum houses his prints (including his great work, ‘Ten Great Disciples of Buddha’), Japanese-style paintings, calligraphy and oil paintings.

Open hours/9:30-17:00
Closed/Monday and Year-end
Access:Approx. 15 minutes from JR Aomori Station by Aomori city bus “Yokouchi  Kanjo-sen (Migi-mawari)”. Get off at “Munakata Shiko Kinenkan-dori”. Walk 4 minutes. (There are many optional bus routes to the museum.)

Ken Tsuneta, “farmer artist”, was born in the Tsugaru area and spent his whole life working as an apple farmer and painter.

His studio has been preserved and exhibited just as it was when he lived there.

Access:From JR Namioka Station, take Aomori city bus bound for “Aomori Kuko-keiyu Aomori-Eki” for 2 minutes. Get off at “Namioka Jimusho-Dori”. Walk about 5 minutes.

Events in Aomori Enjoy natural and cultural events that represent Aomori in its respective seasons.


[March 29 - March 31]

[Late April - Late May]

[Early June]

[Early June - mid-June]

Hakkoda “Snow Corridor and Hot Springs Walk”

Aomori Spring Festival (Gappo Park & Nogiwa Park)

Peak time of fresh greenery along the Oirase mountain atream

Peak time of hare’s-tail cottongrass in the Tashiro marshland


[3rd Saturday and Sunday in July,August 14]

[August 2 - 7]

Asamushi Hot Spring Nebuta Festival

Aomori Nebuta Festival


[Early September - mid November]

[Late September]


Apple harvest prime period

Moya Plateau Cosmos Festival

Peak time of autumn leaves in the Hakkoda mountains


[Early December]


[Mid-January - early March]

Opening of the Hakkoda Ski Resort

Aomori Winter Festival (Gappo park)

Peak time of trees coverd width frost viewed from the Hakkoda Ropeway